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When u hear talking about ecolevirtulle a lot of questions cross your mind , what is it ? What Services does it give ? What opportunities will it bring ? Is it a normal school as the title says or it is a metaphor just to compare ? Have you thought of all those things ? Didn't you find the convenient right answers ? No worries , we are here to explain .

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تقدم المدرسة الإفتراضية الفرصة لمجموعتها من أجل إكتساب مهارات عدة في مجالات من بينها تقنيات التصوير الفوتوغرافي، الإعلام و العمل الصحفي الميداني، التوثيق و إستصدار المعلومة و حتى المونتاج و جرافيكس و ذلك في إطار الإرتقاء بالمهارات الشبابية لتستجيب و نمط الحياة العصري...


Our écolevirtuelle Is a safe place we created to cross the lines , to change the meaning of classic studies and development , to break the Normal and let the innovation out , its a site we made to change the boring concepts and let our creativity speak louder . It's a world made for youth, regardless of our thoughts we are here to rock and shine . We afford several modules and diverse content to express facts in our own way . I'll take you on a ride to discover our programs , and we will start with ev magazine where we share all the important news with a youthful touch , in a youthful way and from a youthful perspective .