Workshops to develop youth skills in various fields...

LEARNING modules

UStructured work that touches all disciplines.


Encourage, supervise and launch the projects developed by our students.


Content is developed and edited by students and teachers.


Audiovisual production developed by students and teachers.


All activities of clubs and associations that are active in the field of education.

A space directed to all the categories of the society that works to develop youth skills and refine their talents to become a corner for everyone .



When u hear talking about ecolevirtulle a lot of questions cross your mind , what is it ? What Services does it give ? What opportunities will it bring ? Is it a normal school as the title says or it is a metaphor just to compare ? Have you thought of all those things ? Didn't you find the convenient right answers ? No worries , we are here to explain .

Our écolevirtuelle Is a safe place we created to cross the lines , to change the meaning of classic studies and development , to break the Normal and let the innovation out , its a site we made to change the boring concepts and let our creativity speak louder . It's a world made for youth, regardless of our thoughts we are here to rock and shine . We afford several modules and diverse content to express facts in our own way . I'll take you on a ride to discover our programs , and we will start with ev magazine where we share all the important news with a youthful touch , in a youthful way and from a youthful perspective . What makes our site an opportunity for young souls to prove themselves and be a helpful member in this modern society , helping indirectly to develop our country . During your surf in our site you will meet our team , our big strong family , our members who believe in their dreams and work to rise , to improve , to succeed and to do things in its own way contrarily to the one that our society imposes . Deep down everyone has their special talents and that's where our mission comes , make those people use those talents to express themselves , so if you are one of those , we will be more than happy to welcome you and let u join our team , all you should do is to contact us . Now and finally we truly hope you'll like our idea and we really believe that this work will change your perspectives and make your lives a better one . Cordially .

فريق المؤطرين



The best of all teams :)